Here you’ll find a range of useful resource materials and guides as well as the Standards, Procedural and Guidance Documents relating to the ENplus® scheme.

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The UKPC is the National Licenser for the ENplus® Quality Scheme in the UK and, upon successful certification and payment of the license fee, is responsible for issuing your ENplus® Quality Seal and License Agreement.

In order to express an interest in becoming an ENplus® certified company please contact who will issue the relevant application forms and data sheets along with the appropriate Standards and Procedural Documents.

You will find below the new documentation which is a result of the ENplus® revision. All companies applying for certification after 1st January 2023 should follow this set of documents.

For a comprehensive overview of the key changes affected by the ENplus® revision please download the information leaflet here

ENplus® standards

ENplus® ST 1001
ENplus® Wood Pellets – Requirements for Companies
Download this document

ENplus® ST 1002
Requirements for Certification & Testing Bodies Offering ENplus® Certification
Download this document

ENplus® ST 1003
Usage of ENplus® Trademarks – Requirements
Download this document

ENplus® procedural documents

ENplus® PD 2001
Structure & Development of ENplus® Documentation
Download this document

ENplus® PD 2002
Complaints & Appeals Procedures
Download this document

ENplus® PD 2003
Issuance of Permissions for the Use of ENplus® Trademarks
Download this document

ENplus® PD 2004
ENplus® Listing of Certification & Testing Bodies
Download this document

ENplus® PD 2005
Governance of the ENplus® Certification Scheme
Download this document

ENplus® PD 2006-UK
Download this document

ENplus® PD 2007
Investigation & Resolution of Fraudulent Use of the ENplus® Trademarks
Download this document

ENplus® PD 2008
Handling Confidential & Personal Information
Download this document

ENplus® guidance document 3001 – Storage of Wood Pellets – will be published here once final approval has been granted. It will include the following elements:

  • Delivery – including vehicle access
  • Filling system – including accessibility and level control
  • Discharge & conveyor system
  • Structural requirements
  • Ventilation
  • Explosion protection
  • Cleaning & maintenance

ENplus® quality manager training

ENplus® certified companies are required to appoint a Quality Manager who, as per Section of ST 1001, must participate in approved training during the first year of certification and subsequently at least once per three-year certification period.

There are two separate courses – one for Producers and one for Traders. Whilst there is some duplication, Quality Managers at companies who are both Producer and Trader should complete both courses whilst Service Providers should complete the Trader course.

Both courses begin with an introduction to ENplus® with the Producer training consisting of eleven modules including raw materials, pelletizing, post-production, sampling, self-monitoring, bulk pellet delivery, conformity assessment & inspection, laboratory testing, quality complaints and trademark, bag design & fraud. The Trader training consists of nine modules including production, self-monitoring, bulk pellet delivery & vehicles, (client) storage rooms, conformity assessment & inspection, laboratory testing, quality complaints and trademark, bag design & fraud.

In order to enrol for the training please complete the online registration form

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact

Driver training

It is a requirement of the ENplus® scheme that all drivers of transport vehicles for small-scale delivery in contact with the end-users shall participate in training on reliable pellet delivery and storage at least once during each three-year certification period. The Wolfson Centre’s course entitled ‘Quality & Safety Issues in Pellet Delivery’ satisfies this requirement and is approved by the UK Pellet Council.

More information about this course including dates, content and registration procedure can be found using the following link:

You can also contact Caroline Chapman at directly if you have any further questions or require additional information.

If you have purchased ENplus® certified wood pellet fuel and are experiencing any problems, it is important that you notify the supplier of your fuel as soon as possible.

Once you have provided them with all relevant details they will conduct a thorough investigation before presenting you with their written findings and recommendations. If you are dissatisfied with their response or believe that there is additional information that they should have taken into account you should challenge their response directly and request further consideration of your complaint.

If, after exhausting all possibilities, you are still unable to reach a satisfactory resolution directly with your supplier, please contact the UK Pellet Council’s General Secretary & Standards Manager, Dr Matthew Goodwin, at

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