European Pellet Forum 2024

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The second edition of the European Pellet Forum will take place in Nantes, France on May 28th 2024 followed by the Central European Biomass Conference. It offers an ideal opportunity to get up to date information on what is going on in the different European pellet markets and on what may be expected in the future.

The UK Pellet Council together with other national associations decided last year to start The European Pellet Forum which is a new annual event targeting businesses active in pellet use for both domestic and commercial heat supply. This year’s event is being hosted by the national association for wood pellet heating in France – Propellet.

At a time when the wood pellet heating industry is at a turning point in its development, join more than 250 market participants and experts for in-depths discussions on the strengths, threats, weaknesses, and opportunities for the European pellet heating sector. More information about this event can be found at the European Pellet Forum website where you can view the full program of activities and purchase tickets. UK Pellet Council member companies can access discounted prices and should contact Mark Stafford for further information.

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