End of the BSL ENplus® Suspension


As of 23rd November 2023, it is (again) a requirement for all wood pellets used in boilers the heat generated from which is eligible for Renewable Heat Incentive payments, to only use pellets that are ENplus® A1 certified. This is to ensure that only the use of high-quality wood pellets resulting in maximum system efficiency and minimum emissions is supported by the UK government.

To satisfy that the regulations are being adhered to, the UK Pellet Council will update Woodsure (the Biomass Suppliers List administrator) of all companies that are currently ENplus® certified. Woodsure will then issue a Woodsure certificate to that company to indicate that they meet the RHI regulation requirements. If a company has its ENplus® certification suspended or terminated, the Woodsure certificate will no longer be valid and any wood pellet fuel supplied by that company will be removed from the BSL meaning that heat generated using that fuel will not be eligible for RHI payments.

For self-reporters, who report directly to Ofgem rather than using the BSL, they must submit a valid Woodsure certificate with their RHI claim.

The suspension of the wood pellet fuel quality requirements was put in place due to the potential of wood pellet shortages following the banning of all imports from Russia and Belarus into the UK and EU following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Now that the market has re-adjusted and shortages are no longer envisaged, the suspension has been lifted.

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