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The UK Pellet Council (UKPC) is a trade association representing the interests of the UK wood pellet sector and the national licenser for the ENplus® certification scheme.

If you are a wood pellet manufacturer, trader or supplier based in the UK, are an employee working within the industry, are associated with or work alongside the wood pellets sector or are interested in becoming a member of the UK Pellet Council, we have a range of resources available for you.

ENplus® scheme

UKPC members are required to become certified and operate under the ENplus® quality accreditation scheme; a world-leading, transparent and independent certification scheme for the wood pellets industry.

From raw materials and production through to customer delivery and storage, ENplus® guarantees the highest quality and combats fraud along the entire supply chain.

ENplus® ensures that certified companies have the correct guidelines, procedures and training in place to ensure superior and consistent quality meaning that customers can absolutely trust in your product. 

Additionally, ENplus® operates as a third-party certification scheme with conformity assessed by independent accredited organisations, further ensuring impartiality and reaffirming that pellet quality is a priority.

UK Government legislation (effective from 01 April 2022) mandates that suppliers with fuels listed on the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL) must demonstrate that they also produce and/or supply fuel which meets a quality standard under a certification scheme.

All wood pellets are required to meet the ENplus® A1 standard or equivalent.

Obtaining ENplus® certification

As the national licenser, the UKPC awards the ENplus® license to qualifying member companies which have successfully undergone a rigorous external audit of plant, equipment, facilities, procedures and training records, concluding in certification and the production of their unique ENplus® quality seal.

For further information on obtaining ENplus® certification, please contact Mark Stafford via email: mstafford@pelletcouncil.org.uk

Wood pellet suppliers

All UK Pellet Council (UKPC) member companies are ENplus® certified and can be identified by the quality seal which contains their unique ENplus® ID.

Those which manufacture wood pellets are categorised as ‘producers’, those that distribute are categorised as ‘traders’, and those which solely store and provide transportation are categorised as ‘service providers’. Most producers also have a trading arm.

The link below provides a comprehensive list of all UKPC member organisations including detailed information relating to their certified activities. Contact details and a link to an individual company’s website are also featured.

Working with UK Government

Biomass Heat Works! is the lobbying and public affairs arm of the UKPC and has made significant progress working with UK Government and the Department for Energy Security & Net-Zero (DESNZ) to reaffirm and make clear the need for responsibly sourced wood pellets in net zero policy.

The UK wood pellet for heat sector is a very niche and totally separate industry to the larger biomass industry yet, despite its smaller size, plays a key role in boosting and strengthening the country’s energy security.

The UKPC recently, on behalf of its members, actioned measures to restructure its global supply chain to ensure that pellets produced in Russia or Belarus are no longer imported into the UK.

For more information regarding Biomass Heat Works! please click on the link below:

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