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The UK Pellet Council (UKPC) represents producers, traders and service providers throughout the UK which manufacture and distribute wood pellets for heating.

To provide full reassurance to customers and end users, all member companies are ENplus® certified which guarantees the highest standards and quality throughout the entire supply chain from raw materials and production through to customer delivery and pellet storage.

ENplus® scheme

ENplus® is a world-leading, transparent and independent certification scheme for wood pellets. From production to end delivery, it guarantees the highest quality throughout the entire supply chain.

* ENplus® certified companies have the correct guidelines, procedures and training in place to ensure high and consistent quality

* Heating systems using ENplus® wood pellets will perform to their maximum potential with minimal chance of a mechanical breakdown

* ENplus® operates as a third-party certification scheme with conformity assessed by independent accredited organisations.

* ENplus® certified wood pellets must meet a variety of technical specifications including length, mechanical durability, percentage of fines, ash content, bulk density, moisture content and calorific value.

Dispute Resolution

If you have purchased ENplus® certified wood pellet fuel and are experiencing any problems, it is important that you notify the supplier of your fuel as soon as possible.

If, after exhausting all possibilities, you are still unable to reach a satisfactory resolution directly with your supplier, then please follow the process outlined under Dispute Resolution on the resources page.

Latest Videos

The UK Pellet Council offers a range of resource materials accessible to all customers in order to assist in an improved understanding of the benefits of choosing ENplus® certified companies supplying premium quality fuel. The following videos feature an introduction to the wood pellet manufacturing process and four reasons why you should choose ENplus® certified pellets.


Types of Orders Available

Bulk Orders

Bulk deliveries are made using specialist vehicles operated by personnel who have attended UKPC-approved training courses. ENplus® requirements include screening prior to loading, a comprehensive pre-delivery check, equipment designed to regulate the flow of pellets and full documentation upon completion.

Bagged Orders

Bagged pellets usually come in 10kg or 15kg packs but can also be purchased in ‘big bags’ which will hold much larger quantities. Bagged pellet designs are approved by the UKPC and must include the ENplus® quality seal as well as full contact details of the supplier, net weight and consumer guidance.

Please click on the link below to view the ENplus® bag designs approved by the UK Pellet Council.


Wood Pellet Suppliers

All UK Pellet Council (UKPC) member companies are ENplus® certified and can be identified by the quality seal which also contains their unique ENplus ® ID.

Those which manufacture wood pellets are categorised as ‘Producers’. Those that distribute the pellets are known as ‘Traders’, and those which solely store and/or provide transport are ‘Service Providers’. Most of our producer companies also have a trading division.

The link below provides a comprehensive directory of all UKPC member companies with detailed information regarding certified activities, contact details and website links.

Storage and Handling

In order to achieve optimum combustion, maximum efficiency and reliability from your biomass wood pellet boiler, it is important that your storage and handling system is correctly designed and constructed.

The UKPC has produced a storage and handling guide which describes the requirements to preserve fuel quality and ensure the safe storage of wood pellets for both installers and consumers. This can be found on the resources section of the website via the ‘view downloads’ link.

Ensure that your pellet store is cleaned regularly by an experienced professional. Over time (if left), a concentration of wood fines can build up which will impact upon the efficiency and reliability of your system.

Ensure that your fuel store and delivery system meet the latest guidelines. The design, construction and installation is critical in preventing pellet attrition and minimising the generation of fines.

The UKPC recommends that only trained, competent and correctly-equipped personnel enter a wood pellet store as they can be a low oxygen, high CO environment.

Also ensure that your boiler is serviced in line with the manufacturer’s instructions as well as all government requirements for Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) recipients.

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