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The UK Pellet Council (UKPC) is a trade association representing the interests of the UK wood pellet sector and is also the national licenser for the ENplus® certification scheme.

UKPC members are the producers, traders and service providers who successfully manufacture and distribute wood pellets for domestic and non-domestic heating throughout the UK.

As a national trade association, the UKPC regularly provides advice, guidance and quality management training to all its membership, and proactively promotes the correct use of the ENplus® scheme.

Furthermore, the UKPC awards the ENplus® license to all qualifying member companies who have undergone a rigorous external audit of their plant, equipment, facilities, procedures and training records, concluding in successful certification and the production of their unique ENplus® quality seal.

Rarely but if required, activities could also include investigating any misuse of the ENplus® trademark, managing any complaints regarding member companies in line with agreed procedures, or in extreme cases, managing any allegations of possible fraud.

Our Objectives

Under  the UK Pellet Council Terms of Reference our objectives are to:

Provide a single body to represent the best interests of all parties directly involved in the UK pellet trade from biomass of any source

Manage implementation of the ENplus® Quality Scheme, as the UK National Licensor

Publicise wood pellet heating to the general public via marketing and PR

Evaluate and provide educational material for members and to the general public with regard to best practice for installations, supply arrangements and fuel quality

To be a forum for dispute resolution between members or groups of members

To monitor Government policy and liaise with Government departments, interested parties, focus groups, and the wider industry with regard to pelletised biomass

Meet the UKPC Team

Mark Lebus


Neil Holland


Dr Matthew Goodwin

General Secretary & Standards Manager

Mark Stafford

Administration, Technical & General Enquiries

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Contact Us

To get in touch, please contact Mark Stafford via email: mstafford@pelletcouncil.org.uk


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