UK Pellet Council – Trade Association for the UK Pellet industry

ENplus Scheme

The ENplus® quality certification is a major step towards establishing pellets as a widely used energy commodity. For the first time, numerous national standards and certifications are replaced by one uniform system based on the ISO 17225-2 standard for wood pellets (previously EN 14961-2). This system has been agreed upon by the European Pellet Council in January 2011 and thus enjoys the support of large parts of the European pellet sector.

A key advantage of ENplus® is that pellet quality is managed throughout the entire supply chain including production, storage and transport all the way to the end consumer.

The quality requirements for pellet producers and pellet traders that wish to certify are laid down in the ENplus® handbook:

The ownership of the ENplus® trademark stays with the European Biomass Association AEBIOM, which hosts the European Pellet Council. The EPC has awarded the licence to manage ENplus® in the UK to the UKPC.  In turn, the UKPC awards the licence to use the ENplus® brand to qualifying companies after an external audit of the company’s procedures and facilities.

Below you will find the latest production and trade figures for ENplus® pellets in the UK.

The production figures represent the tonnes of ENplus® certified pellets produced in the UK. The trade figures represent the tonnes of ENplus® pellets traded by certified ENplus® trader. The production and trading figures are collected once a year around January. It should be noted that there is a risk of double-counting in this reporting, as some companies pay licence fees for pellet imports, and then a retailer will pay a licence fee for the same pellets. We are working to clarify this in the future.