ENplus Bagged Pellets

Below are photos of the approved ENplus® A1 bags produced in the UK. The UKPC can only regulate ENplus® bags with a UK registration. Only certified ENplus® traders have bagged these pellets.

Balcas – UK 002


Blazers fuels – UK 003

UK003 UK003

Hayes Fuels – UK 347


Land Energy – UK 004

UK004 UK004 UK004 UK004 UK004 UK004

Midland Bioenergy Ltd – UK 354


PelTrade – UK 335

UK335 UK335
UK335 UK335
UK335 UK335

Puffin Pellets – UK 005


Pure Biofuels – UK 341

UK341 UK341

SDL Solutions – UK 353

UK353 UK353

Verdo Renewables – UK 001 / UK 305

UK001 Verdo-Euro-Value-Front verdo-Euro-Value-Rear

White Horse Energy – UK 340

UK340 UK340 UK340 UK340

AMP Clean Energy – UK 308 (please note, area in blue is clear)